6 Useful AI tools 2024

In today’s video, we’re excited to introduce some incredibly handy AI tools for your use. Let’s dive right in!

Text to Speech:
Text to Speech allows you to convert your written content into audio. Simply head over to the TTS website, paste your text (limited to 300 characters), choose from a variety of voices, generate the audio, and download it to your PC. While this tool is free and highly useful, it does come with some limitations.

Another option we explore is using Microsoft Edge. By opening Microsoft Edge and selecting your desired text, you can utilize the ‘Read Aloud Selection’ feature, which offers a variety of voice options and even allows you to adjust the speed..

Image Upscaler:
Now, let’s delve into the second AI tool: the Image Scaler. Several websites are available for image scaling, all offering their services for free albeit with some limitations. However, if you prefer a free alternative without the need for account creation, simply use upscayl. Download the software, which is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows, and extract it. Now you can use this application for free to upscale your images.

Magic Eraser:
Here’s how you can remove unwanted objects from your images in just a few clicks. Simply visit the Magic Eraser website, upload the image, highlight what you wish to delete, and erase. This will easily delete the unwanted objects from the image. Then, you can simply download it to your PC.

Thing Translator:
With this tool, you can simply snap a picture of any object, and it will translate its name into various languages. Simply open the website on your mobile phone and launch the project. Now, take the picture of anything you want to identify, and it will display the object’s name. You can also translate the name of the object into various languages.

Create a Song Using AI
Discover another captivating AI tool capable of generating beautiful AI songs. Visit suno.ai and click on “Make a Song” to access the platform. You’ll need to log in to create songs. Once logged in, input any prompts you desire and proceed to create your song. Please note that their service may experience high demand at times, especially for free users. As a free user, you receive 50 credits, with each song requiring 5 credits.

Swap faces using a single image with Roop AI
With Roop AI, you can seamlessly perform face swaps on videos using just one image. As it is a Python application, it necessitates some setup procedures. In essence, you need to download and install Anaconda, and then acquire the Roop Files. Next, create a Python environment and execute specific commands. Once these steps are completed, you’ll gain the capability to swap faces within videos using a single image. For further insight into this process, please refer to our additional video tutorial for a comprehensive understanding.



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