Here are some of the handpicked free software.

Convert videos to JPG (image files)

With this easy tool, you can easily convert a video file to JPG. You can convert videos to images using a VLC player too, however, this tool (download link below) is handier as there are a couple of options you can choose from.

Convert Images (JPG) to PDF

If you have loads of images and want it as a single file, then you can simply convert all of them to one PDF. This will be handy very easy especially if it’s a scanned contract or agreements (or scanned books)

Loading jQuery from the Google CDN – Improves GTmetrix Score

Loading jQuery from the Google CDN: Simply put the following code on your functions.php file at the bottom and it should also improve your GTmetrix Score.

GTmetrix Score – Improve Score for Defer Parsing of JavaScript

Here’s how you can improve your score for Defer Parsing of JavaScript on GTmetrix. All you have do is copy this simple code to functions.php

BYPASS iCloud (Activation Lock) iPhone (windows)

Here’s how you can easily bypass your iPhone activation lock screen and use your phone. This tool will work on a Jailbroken (jailbreak) iPhone only!

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