Here are some of the handpicked free software.

Codes to redirect a URL to another URL

These simple codes will redirect a page or a URL to another URL. There are two codes provided for the redirection of pages or URLs.

Free application to Mirror iphone to PC

If you want to mirror your iPhone to PC, then this is one of the best free application you can use to mirror your phone to windows 10

Code to add on Inspect Element Console to edit the website

By using this simple code at the Console (inspect element tool on chrome) you can easily make changes to most of the websites.

Codes to disable right-click, text highlight, and image save option

This simple code will protect your WordPress content as it will disable right-click options, remove the text highlight and image save option.

Codes to enable WebP uploads on WordPress

WordPress, by default, doesn’t allow you to upload WebP format images. However, using the following code you can easily upload WebP images.

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We have just created another video to convert any Kindle books to PDF. If the earlier tutorial video didn't work for you then please try this method.This method actually is a smart way of doing things, so as long as you can open the books with KINDLE, it should be absolutely fine to convert the books to pdf (including DRM protected e-books).



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