Here are some of the handpicked free software.

DRM Plugin for Calibre 5.x

Here is the latest release (Dec 2020) of the DeDrm plugin for the Calibre 5.x version, feel free to download and convert your kindle to PDF.

Change WordPress default logo (and URL) on the login page

Adding this code to your functions.php (or the theme’s functions) you can easily customize your WordPress login page logo. You can change the default WordPress logo and its URL.

Change the Error Message – WordPress login page (wp-admin)

WordPress by default gives a hint or in fact, confirms the username if anyone uses a wrong password with a correct username. This could actually be a little risky and could lead to brute force attacks.

Host your WordPress Locally on you PC

DesktopServer is an easy software that will enable you to install and work with WordPress locally on your computer. You will be able to make changes to WordPress before transferring to the actual host.

Convert videos to JPG (image files)

With this easy tool, you can easily convert a video file to JPG. You can convert videos to images using a VLC player too, however, this tool (download link below) is handier as there are a couple of options you can choose from.

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We have just created another video to convert any Kindle books to PDF. If the earlier tutorial video didn't work for you then please try this method.This method actually is a smart way of doing things, so as long as you can open the books with KINDLE, it should be absolutely fine to convert the books to pdf (including DRM protected e-books).



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