Codes to disable right-click, text highlight, and image save option

This simple code will protect your WordPress content as it will disable right-click options, remove the text highlight and image save option.

Codes to enable WebP uploads on WordPress

WordPress, by default, doesn’t allow you to upload WebP format images. However, using the following code you can easily upload WebP images.

Plugin to open/save WebP file from Adobe Photoshop

By default, Photoshop cannot open WebP files nor you can save them. But with this plugin you can work with WebP files on Photoshop.

Codes – Preload Key Requests for WordPress websites

Are you looking to resolve the Preload Key requests shown on Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix? Use this code to fix the issue.

Codes for Woocommerce checkout page customization and others

Here are some of the useful codes for checkout page customization and others. We will not use any third party pluins to make the modification.

Command Prompt code to hide folder or files in Windows 10

Using this command prompt (CMD) code you can easily hide folders of files on Windows 10. Also, the files/folder hidden via this method will

Codes to add delete WordPress revisions or add revisions limit

These are very simple codes to delete WordPress revisions or add WordPress revisions limit on your pages or posts, manually, without using any plugin(s).

DRM Plugin for Calibre 5.x

Here is the latest release (Dec 2020) of the DeDrm plugin for the Calibre 5.x version, feel free to download and convert your kindle to PDF.

Change WordPress default logo (and URL) on the login page

Adding this code to your functions.php (or the theme’s functions) you can easily customize your WordPress login page logo. You can change the default WordPress logo and its URL.

Change the Error Message – WordPress login page (wp-admin)

WordPress by default gives a hint or in fact, confirms the username if anyone uses a wrong password with a correct username. This could actually be a little risky and could lead to brute force attacks.