Inspect element Chrome: Edit any website text & Save inspect element changes permanently | 2021

Edit any website’s text using inspect element and save it permanently to your PC’s browser in very few steps. This video gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can use the inspect element on the Chrome browser and add a small code to make changes to the text of websites (most if not all). Then after making the required changes, you can use the Permanent Inspect Element Google chrome extension that will save the changes on the site to your Browser.

However, please note that the changes made on the website are saved only on YOUR COMPUTER and Browser. This won’t affect other’s PC and even if you use it in the incognito mode the original site will appear.

One of the main objectives of this video is to alert you that many people fake their earnings on YouTube and other affiliate programs. So be cautious about what you see online.

Hope you learned something interesting.



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