How to redirect URL in WordPress with a plugin and or by using a simple code?

In this video tutorial, you will see an example from our live website using both plugin and a code on the specific page. This is a possibly an easiest way to redirect your URL in WordPress website to another. For example, your current URL can be redirected to (sent to) or even to a completely new domain like All this can be done with a help of an easy plugin or using a simple HTML code (you can even let your visitors stay in the page for few seconds and then redirect them to other pages or posts).

Why it is important? If you updated or modified your website with a new design and URL, chances are that google will index links from the old sites. Thus, any visitors clicking on the old site may be redirected to a wrong page or even give 404 error, thus, redirection will help them to go to the right link. This is also useful if a link is broken, or you no longer want to use the old url.

Hope this will be helpful.

The code :

HTML code to redirect WordPress Page



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