Serve images in next-gen formats, Convert jpg/png to WebP (Photoshop or online) | WordPress | 2021

Learn how to use Webp images in WordPress without any plugin and convert JPG/PNG to WebP using Photoshop or free online tools. This will improve your score on Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix by optimizing your website. This tutorial includes all necessary steps to resolve next-gen format images and as well guide you on how you can convert popular format images like JPG or PNG to the WebP format using tools available online or within your own Photoshop.

There’s an overall benefit of converting images to WebP as it will make your website load faster by decreasing the size of the images. The quality of the images with the WebP extension is also very good, thus it is advisable to apply the learnings to your own WordPress website for improved performance.

Photoshop by default does not allow WebP formats to work with, however with a simple plug-in (available for both Windows & MAC), you can enable this feature on Photoshop and absolutely free.

Again WordPress also doesn’t allow uploading images with .webp extensions, there are many plugins to enable this feature on WordPress, but we prefer using simple codes to using loads of plugins. Thus you can use simple code to enable WebP images on your Website without having to install plugins.

This tutorial video works best if you have a small site or starting a new website project, however, if you want to bulk convert images to WebP you can use some plugins to convert all the images to the next-gen format.

We have applied all this to various websites and assured that it works pretty well and without any issue. And as well our Photoshop is working flawlessly to work with WebP images.

Please let us know if you have any issues in this regard. Thank you very much.



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