Two Useful Extensions for Google Chrome

In today’s video, we’ll introduce you to two incredibly useful Chrome extensions that can enhance productivity while browsing the web. These are the extensions we actually use, so we really hope that they can be of great help to you too.

PrintFriendly – Print and PDF Web Pages: This handy tool effortlessly converts any webpage into a PDF format, making it easily accessible and shareable. You can also remove certain portions if you do not want them in the PDF.

Picture in Picture Chrome Extension: This extension is by Google itself. It allows you to continue watching videos in a resizable window while you work on your PC. Simply add it to Chrome and pin it for easy access. When watching a YouTube video, clicking on the extension icon allows the video to detach and follow you around the screen. You can adjust the size to your preference and switch between tabs effortlessly.

Try these extensions and let us know if they were useful to you.



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