Here’s how we set thumbnails for YouTube Shorts using YT studio & PC

In this YouTube Shorts tutorial, we’ll guide you through simple steps to upload YouTube Shorts and use custom thumbnails. Please note that you must embed the thumbnail in the video itself to use it as the thumbnail, as you cannot upload it separately and use it as a custom thumbnail.

To begin, save or create the YouTube Shorts. Open your YouTube app and click on the “+” icon to upload it. Click on the pencil icon on the YouTube Shorts (Please note that this option isn’t available on the desktop). Select a thumbnail from the video. You can then choose “Unlisted” for visibility and upload your Short video.

Now switch to the PC and go to your YouTube Dashboard. Simply edit the video, add the descriptions, and schedule or publish it. You will now have a thumbnail chosen from the mobile. Hope this video helped. Thank you very much.



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