Here are some of the handpicked free software.

Bulletproof your Domain for $4.88 a year

GTmetrix Score – Improve Score for Defer Parsing of JavaScript

Here’s how you can improve your score for Defer Parsing of JavaScript on GTmetrix. All you have do is copy this simple code to functions.php

Copy iso files to a USB disk

If you want to copy any iso bootable files to your USB, then this is the handiest and easy software to use, works great on making checkra1n bootable USB.

Disable Plugin Update and auto update plugins (codes)

Simply using some codes on functions.php, you can disable plugin updates and also automatically update the plugins.

GTmetrix Score – Improve Score for Add Expire Headers & Leverage Browser Caching

If you want to improve your GTmetix score for two things – Add Expires Headers and Leverage Browser Caching then you can simply copy the following codes

Audio Spectrum – Ideal image sizes

If you want to create an audio spectrum (or audio visualizer) using our page, you will need to supply images of a particular size.



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