Build pretrained models to clone your voice using Real-Time Voice Cloning

Learn how to build pre-trained models using your own voice in a real-time voice-cloning Python application. This training process takes days and months, so we personally haven’t been able to complete it all. However, we believe this guide will assist you in the process of pre-training using your own vocals.

The link provided below gives you all the guidelines for the necessary files and the codes that need to be run to train the models. To simplify the process, we have created a zip file that includes all the folders and subfolders. You can directly extract this file into the Real-Time Voice Cloning folder. However, please remember to replace the audio and text with your own voice recordings and corresponding texts.

Although we haven’t been successful in completing the entire process ourselves, we sincerely hope that this tentative process will help you train models to clone your voice. Please let us know if you are successful in training your voice. Thank you very much.



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