How to change your Instagram password using a mobile (with or without knowing the old password)? | 2022

So you want to change the Instagram password from your phone? You are logged in but cannot remember the old password to change it? Then this video will guide you on how you can change your Instagram password with (i.e. when the old password is known) or without knowing the old password. Even if you do not have the access to the email id associated with Instagram, we will learn how you can change the insta password. However, please make sure you are logged in to the Instagram app.

Instagram password can be changed either by knowing the old password or by using the email to recover the password or by simply replacing the existing email. We will learn simple ways to change the Instagram using an iPhone (but will work on the android too) or replace the old email id with a new one and change the Instagram password, but you must be logged in to the Instagram app on your phone.

Hope this video helps.



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