How to convert video to mp3 Audio using a VLC media player for free? 2021

Convert mp4 to mp3 format using VLC player – a free application. This video tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions to convert any video files to audio files using free software. It is very easy to make the conversion and you do not need to purchase an application to convert your video files to an audio format. However, please note that the video to be converted in the audio must be on your computer.

While there are many online converting websites, we suggest using the VLC player more for privacy reasons. As making any conversions, your video is within your PC and you do not require to upload it anywhere. Anyway, besides the conversion, VLC also is a great player and can be used to stream video on your device. We personally have been using VLC to watch various kinds of video – its codec is quite good and supports lots of video formats.

Hope this lesson be helpful to you.



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