Clear or delete YouTube search history on mobile / Desktop

Deleting your YouTube Watch and Search History is a straightforward process, whether you’re on a mobile device or a desktop. If you’re using the YouTube app, open the app and tap on the top right corner to go to “Your Data on YouTube.” From there, you can easily clear your Watch History and Search History. For Watch History, tap on “Manage your YouTube Watch History,” select “Delete,” and choose to clear it for a specific time frame or all time. Confirm the deletion, and it’s done. The same steps apply when clearing your Search History.

On a desktop, visit and ensure you’re logged in. Access “Your data on YouTube” and follow the same steps to delete your Watch History and Search History. By clicking “Manage your YouTube Watch History,” you can choose to delete it for all time. Once deleted, it’s gone. Your Search History can be cleared in a similar manner. These simple steps ensure that your YouTube history is cleaned both on mobile and desktop.

By following these instructions, you can clear all histories on YouTube, ensuring your privacy and online experience. Thank you very much.



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