How to Get a Driver’s License in the USA with B1/B2 Visa? Texas !

In today’s video, we’ll walk you through the process of obtaining a driver’s license in the USA while visiting on a B1/B2 tourist visa. It’s important to note that not all U.S. states offer driver’s licenses to temporary visitors, so always check the official DMV websites for the latest information. We’ll focus on the procedure in Texas, which provides a limited-term full license for B1/B2 visa holders, valid for six months after arriving in the USA or as per your I94 form.

Step 1: Check the Official Texas DMV Website
To start the process of getting a driver’s license in Texas, visit the official Texas DMV website. This website contains all the essential information you’ll need.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents
As non-U.S. citizens, you must provide evidence of lawful presence. This requires the following documents:

2.1 Passport
2.2 USA visa
2.3 I-94 Form (which determines your legal stay duration in the USA)
To obtain the I-94 form, visit the designated website, fill out the required details, and print the form to take it to the DMV.

Step 3: Prove Texas Residency
You’ll need an address for your Texas driver’s license, which should match the address where you reside. To prove Texas residency, gather at least two legal documents such as an electricity bill, water bill, bank statement, or mortgage bill. Additionally, the property owner must accompany you to the DMV and provide their identification (e.g., driver’s license) as they need to approve the use of their address. Complete the Texas residency form at the DMV.

Step 4: Identity Verification
For identity verification, your passport will suffice. You do not need a Social Security Number (SSN). Simply fill out a form at the DMV stating that you do not have an SSN.

Step 5: Impact Certificate
After completing the written test, obtain an impact certificate. You can register for this separately, and there are online courses available. Ensure you take the course and pass the test, then print the certificate.

Step 6: Schedule an Appointment
Visit the official DMV website and select your preferred language. Fill out the necessary details, and for SSN, you can use a placeholder like “1234.” Log in and schedule a new appointment for a first-time Texas driver’s license. This can include scheduling a written test.

Optional: Skip the Written Test
In Texas, you can skip the written test at the DMV by taking a 6-hour Driver’s Ed course online. Many websites offer this course. After completing the course and passing the final test, you’ll receive a certificate. This certificate, along with other required documents, exempts you from the DMV’s written test, allowing you to proceed directly to the road test.

Step 7: Road Test
After completing the written test (whether at the DMV or through the online course), schedule an appointment for the road test. You can take it at the DMV or use a third-party provider. Note that third-party providers may be more expensive.

After successfully passing the road test (whether at the DMV or through a third-party provider), schedule an appointment at the DMV with the results and all previously gathered documents. Your Texas driver’s license will be mailed to your address in approximately two weeks. Remember that you’ll need to pay fees and take an eye test at the DMV each time.

Scheduling an appointment may require some effort, as DMV slots may be limited. Same-day appointments are available on a limited basis at most driver’s license office locations. To secure one, be prepared to wake up early and check your preferred location frequently in the morning.

If you have any questions about obtaining your driver’s license, feel free to ask.



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