Simple tricks to EXTRACT IMAGES from PDF

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to efficiently extract images from a PDF, whether it’s just a single image or multiple images in bulk. You do not need to install any application.

If you only need to extract a single image from a PDF, here’s a quick and easy method. Open the PDF file, highlight the image you want, right-click on it, select “Copy Image,” and open a program like MS Paint. Paste the image using Ctrl + V, adjust the size if needed, and save it in your desired format. You have successfully extracted a single image from the PDF.

However, if you have multiple images in the PDF, this manual process can be overwhelming. Here’s a simple trick to extract all the images in bulk. Open a Word document, drag and drop the PDF file into the Word document. It may take a moment as it converts the PDF to a document. Once it’s done, save the document as a “Web Page filtered.” Now, you’ll have an HTML document and all media files, which include all the images from the PDF.

Do try this free method to extract images from a PDF and let us know. We hope this video was useful. Thank you very much.



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