Windows 11 taskbar: Move to top, left, right, or bottom

As you all must be aware that Windows has made it difficult in the new Win 11 to change the taskbar. Unlike, Windows 10 it is not possible to move the taskbar in any direction except at the bottom. Anyway, in this video, we will guide you on how you can move the Windows 11 taskbar to all directions i.e. Top, left, right, and as well restore at the bottom. But please note that, on our several tries, moving the taskbar to left or right always had some issues – which makes us think that Windows 11 isn’t compatible to move the taskbar on left or right.

To move the Windows taskbar to Windows 11, you will need to make some changes to the registry. We hope this video tutorial will be helpful for you to change the position of the taskbar on Windows 11.

Thank you very much.



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