How to create a Favicon & add to your website ?

This video will guide one way (of many) to generate or create a favicon and then add to your WordPress Website. All you would need a square sized image* (could be any size but square), save it as a png file, convert it to ico format, and then add a line of code to add on to your Header. And that’s about it ! You will have a a Favicon added to your website in less than 10 minutes ! And all this will be done only by using WordPress login details – no cpanel or FTP details required. 

* You can also do it with a Text and use it on your website (please check the video)

Code : <link rel=”icon” href=”demo_icon.gif” type=”image/gif” sizes=”16×16″>

or go to the following link :

Favicon logo generator :
The link to Generator : Please click here

Plugin used : 



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