Two EASY Ways to Find Connected WiFi Password in Windows 11, No Command Prompt

In this video tutorial, we’ll walk you through two simple methods to find your WiFi password on Windows 11. Please note that this guide is intended to help you find the password of the WiFi you are connected to and is not a means of hacking others’ passwords.

To find the WiFi password, right-click on your WiFi connection icon, navigate to Network and Internet Settings, and click on Properties. Scroll down and find the option labeled “View Wi-Fi Security Key.” Click on it, and your WiFi password will be revealed.

The other way is by using the Control Panel. Open the Control Panel and go to Network and Sharing Center. Then click on “Change adapter settings.” Locate your WiFi connection, right-click, and choose “Status.” Click on “Wireless Properties,” select the “Security” tab, and click on “Show Characters” to reveal your WiFi password.

We hope these methods are useful to you. Thank you very much.



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