Create QR code in Excel NO ADD-INS required – Macro

Here is how you can create QR in Excel without using any add-ons. We’ll show you how to create QR codes within Excel using Macros. No technical expertise is required – just follow these simple steps to make your own QR codes.

To create a QR code in Excel, open a new Blank Workbook and add the website URLs for which you want to generate QR codes. Adjust the cell size to your preferred dimensions. To utilize Macros, you need to enable the Developer tab. If it’s not visible, go to File, Options, Customize Ribbon, and check Developer. Once enabled, you can access Macros in the Developer tab. Now simply create a Macro, paste the provided code, and run it. You can customize the sizes of the QR code. After running the Macro, you’ll have your QR codes ready to use.

With these simple steps, you can quickly generate QR codes for your URLs. Try it and let us know. Thank you very much.



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