Best free unlimited VPN 2021 for Windows 10 | No Extensions or add-ons | vpnbook | unblock sites

Learn how to set up an unlimited free VPN for Windows 10, to unblock sites. We will be using Vpnbook for this tutorial, which should enable you to change the IP address, country and remove the restrictions made by the administrator and unblock websites. This should work with all the major browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc, and will not require installing any extensions or add-ons to these browsers.

VPN book offers free VPN servers from the USA, CANADA, and FRANCE and they are working to add in more free servers. If you have any trouble setting up for instance with USA servers then try switching to CANADA servers using the credentials provided. Or you can add all those VPN services to your PC following the same method as shown in the tutorial video. VPN also comes in very handy if you are working on a website and want things to display as per the country.

Anyway, if you are not willing to or cannot set up these settings on your PC, you can also use the FREE web/proxy feature from the VPN book to visit sites that is otherwise not easily accessible.

While VPN makes it possible to change the IP addresses, country and maintain some privacy, it is, however, recommended not to share any confidential information while on VPN. Even though VPN services (paid ones or free) claim that all information is kept private, there have been situations where popular VPN service provider’s servers have been attacked, thereby compromising the data of their users. Thus, it would be wise to take all the necessary precautions while on VPN.

Any tutorial shared on our channel or website has been tested and we reconfirm if it is working all good or not. Thus, if you have any issues in this regard, please feel free to get back to us.



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