How someone tried to Hack our Instagram password? Protect your account!

So this happened a couple of days earlier when someone tried to take away all our followers by hacking our Instagram. But thankfully nothing happened as we had two-factor authentication and normally we do not click any suspicious link (without inspection) which asks to share the password, even when sent by the closest friend whatsoever.

The hackers trick: Send a Direct Message on your Instagram or send an email [the video has both REAL experiences], whatever it is they try to get us to their link and ask for the user details. The moment you insert details – your account will be gone. So please be careful while you click on any suspicious link and when it asks for PASSWORDs – IGNORE OR BLOCK IT.

By the way, Instagram also has a feature in their app which lets us know if any OFFICIAL email has been sent to its user or not. Go to your Instagram app >> click on three lines at the top right >> Settings >> Security >> and click on Emails from Instagram.

If you have received any OFFICIAL email from Instagram it will be displayed there. Additionally, on the security page, you can also see LOGIN activity and find out where your account has been accessed.

In this video – there are two links, however, please note hackers may use any other URL or emails to hack your account. Be Safe!



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