How to mine cryptocurrency on PC? Mining ethereum, DOGE, or many more | 2021

How to mine Dogecoin or Ethereum mining or various other crypto coins only using your PC? In 2021, it is very easy to mine these cryptos on your PC with or without a graphics card. Even your old laptop can be used to mine these currencies, but of course, the mining rate will be different. Better-performing computers will yield higher returns.

Despite crypto mining might sound very lucrative, it is, however, very important to analyze if the mining is worth it or not. Please take into consideration the electricity costing and the possible damage it can bring to your PC. Mining can highly use your PC and it may damage your device permanently, thus you need to be very careful before mining and if it is worth the mine or not.

Hope this video gives you some idea on how to mine crypto and if it’s worth mining or not.

Thank you.



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