How to send large files via Gmail (Without google drive) and for Free!

Google (Gmail) has some limitations to send big sized files and only permits 25MB as an email attachment. But if you are looking to send video files or a photo album they are normally pretty big in size. And like ours, if your Google drive is filled, it might be a little difficult to send mails. Thus, this video tutorial will share with you how you can send large files (any files or folder) and up to 2GB for free using Gmail or any other email provider. You can even break the files and folders and send them multiple times as well.

Thus, with the wetransfer website, you can mail in your classwork presentation, images, or any files just by converting it to a downloadable link. However, please note that unlike regular emails, the files on the link will expire in 7 days – meaning you will no longer be able to save the files after the expiry date. The other wetransfer alternative could be using a dropbox – but we feel it’s pretty easy to work with wetransfer. This will work the same whether it is a Mac, pc / Windows computer.

Hope this lesson is helpful to you.



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