indic text to speech: Hindi TTS using Python

Here is the simplest guide to convert Hindi text to speech using Indic-TTS, which is a Python application, and it is absolutely free.

To get started, download the free Anaconda application from its official website and install it. Once installed, open Anaconda prompt and create a Python environment, then activate the environment.

Next, download the required files from the GitHub page, extract them, and install all the dependencies. Installing dependencies will take some time as it will require downloading several files. Additionally, also download the necessary models for running the TTS. Make sure to extract all the files as shown in the video.

Once everything is set up, simply run the command, and your Hindi text will be converted to speech. We hope this video was useful. Thank you very much.

tts –text “कृपया हमारे TEXT IN HINDI” –model_path “models/v1/hi/fastpitch/best_model.pth” –config_path “models/v1/hi/fastpitch/config.json” –vocoder_path “models/v1/hi/hifigan/best_model.pth” –vocoder_config_path “models/v1/hi/hifigan/config.json” –speaker_idx female –out_path “hindi.wav”



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