How to earn interest on Cryptocurrency using Binance Exchange savings or staking (Stake crypto)? 2021

Binance tutorial on how to get interest on crypto using Savings or staking. In this video, you will learn how you can earn interest if you are using Binance Exchange. Savings or staking can give you fixed interest rates on the crypto you own. Savings rates are lower but you can redeem and sell it anytime whereas staking rates are high but have a fixed locked period of 10 days, 20 days, and so on, and as well staking is subject to availability (you will not be able to stake crypto as it depends if the spot is available or not).

Savings and Staking both can be very useful if you are a long-term investor – as instead of just holding the crypto in your account you can actually earn interest on them. But if you are a trader and buy-sell crypto every day then this may not be as feasible as your crypto will be locked when earning the interest and you will not be able to schedule or allocate to sell crypto at certain prices.

Hope this video is useful.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investing is risky and this is not investment advice, so please be aware and carefully read all the terms before buying or trying to earn interest on crypto!



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