How to hide, Lock or Password Protect a folder or files in Windows 10 | CMD | WinRAR | Free | 2021

Without any software but a WinRAR password, you can easily Lock your files or folders on a Windows computer. And by using Command Prompt (CMD) you can easily hide any files on your PC which cannot be easily found. The video explains the best possible ways to hide your folder and improve the security of your files. Every step is clearly explained and you can use any methods that are applicable to you; we will be using CMD or WinRAR for this process.

You can easily download WinRAR software and assign a password to any files or folder for protecting your personal files. Unlocking (Unlock) WinRAR password or hacking is not easy thus your files are protected and you can keep your personals stuffs out of reach from everyone. We have personally tried all of these and it has worked very well.

We also tried the .bat format password locking but it actually doesn’t do any work as when anyone clicks on view files everything will be visible, this is a very useless method. Anyway, in this video, all the useful methods are incorporated. Please let us know if this helped.



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