How to Preload Key Requests on WordPress websites using codes or plugin | woff | ttf | 2021

To improve WordPress speed optimization, you can fix preload key requests by adding a preloader using codes or a free plugin – Autoptimize. This tutorial video solves this issue by using both the methods (manually using a code & a plugin) and confirms by running multiple tests on Google PageSpeed insights.

Adding a preload key request will contribute to speed up your WordPress website, and thereby giving you an overall better score for both Mobile and desktop versions. To resolve this, the process is very simple to follow; all you have to do is add a line of code on your functions.php file (the code for which has been provided, link at the bottom) and make necessary edits to the preload links – this is for doing it manually. And if you are already using a website speed optimization plugin such as Autoptimize, you can add multiple links to preload and see the positive changes in your Google PageSpeed Insights score. Most of the optimization plugins do offer to preload key requests (please have a look around or you can also search preload requests for a particular plugin you are using).

Despite we have not tested the website on GTmetrix (on the video), we did run a test on it and there was no issue with the Preload Key Requests. We believe this should work for most popular themes, and page builders like Elementor, DIVI, and other popular website builders; especially if they do not conflict with the Autoptimize WordPress plugin, there should not be an issue. In this tutorial, we have used an Enfold theme and imported one of its Demo templates for the quick experiment.

We really hope that this lesson will help you get a better score and make your WordPress website faster. Please let us know if you have any issues regarding using the codes (or drop a comment on our YouTube video). Thank you very much.



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