Remove VIRUS from Windows PC without installing any antivirus CMD

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove Viruses from Windows 10 without installing any Third-Party Antivirus Software. We will be using Command Prompt (CMD) to detect and remove potentially harmful files, as well as scanning with the Windows built-in Malware remover.

To start the virus removal process, access the Command Prompt as an administrator. Navigate to the C drive on CMD and type ‘attrib.’ Check for any suspicious .inf or .exe files. If found, confirm their status by searching on Google. To delete these files, use the ‘attrib -s -h -r -a -i’ command followed by ‘del’ and the exact file name. Do this for all .inf and .exe files. After this is done, go to windows/system32 in CMD and type ‘attrib.’ Make sure to look for HR OR SH files; if found, remove them as earlier.

Lastly, type MRT in the Start menu – this is a free built-in malware remover. Simply perform a full scan of your PC with the MRT.

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