Audio- Visualizer (spectrum)

How create an Audio Visualizer using Camtasia?

Do you want to create an awesome Audio visualizer (spectrum) for your Music? It’s super easy and free if you have Camtasia software*

How to improve WordPress site health

WordPress website;PHP Update, improve site health and resolve missing modules – fileinfo & Imagick!

Have you checked your WordPress Site health? It’s always a good idea to carry all the recommendations made by your website.


How to send photos on Tinder [no hack, nor tinder plus or gold needed]

Tinder possibly needs no definition, it’s a great app – dating or however you use it. Anyway, here’s a simple trick

DRM Plugin

How to update DeDRM plugin to latest 2020 version Kindle to PDF?

There have been lots of issues in regards to DRM plugin – file protected, locked etc. One of the best option is to update DeDRM

PHP version 7.4

How to change the PHP version for a particular website, shared hosting?

You updated your PHP version and the website is not working? Well this basically happens when you have an old website…

Redirect page in WordPress

How to redirect URL in WordPress with a plugin and or by using a simple code?

In this video tutorial, you will see an example from our live website using both plugin and a code on the specific page.

Duplicate page or post in WordPress

How to Duplicate a Page or Post in WordPress ?

There are lots of instances where you want to create or design a similar page or posts with minor changes

XML - Sitemaps

How to create XML sitemap & add it to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster tool)?

Learn how to create a XML sitemap for your website and as well add to Google Search Console (or Google Webmaster).

FTP cpanel

How to access your WordPress files without cpanel or FTP?

With only using the WordPress login, you will be able to copy, download and modify all the files you want.


How to create a Favicon & add to your website ?

This video will guide one way (of many) to generate a favicon and then add to your WordPress Website.