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Here is another update to the DeDRM plugin 6.8.1. (if you are looking for the earlier version please scroll down). This was released in November 2020! Please note this version only works with Calibre 4.x versions and NOT THE LATEST version of Calibre 5.x You can download calibre 4.x version from this link.

You can follow this tutorial video to learn how to update DeDrm plugin

Another update to the DeDRM plugin.
Please download the latest version (June 2020) i.e. DeDRM version 6.8.0; the link is provided below. The process to update the DRM is similar to the earlier update tutorial video.

This is the most updated version of DeDRM plugin for Calibre. This will assist you in getting rid of the DRM issue.

For those who are unsure how this works, please check our earlier tutorial video – Convert Kindle Books to PDF using free software [Link below] – You can directly follow the steps as in this earlier video and skip this tutorial because you can install the updated version of DeDRM.

Hope it helps.

This is a Calibre plugin and thus can only be used with Calibre [the link  to download Calibre can be found in this page]. Anyway, we faced some issues while converting Kindle Books to pdf, so this plugin helped us to resolve the issue.

Following are the links to download DRM plugin & a link to the tutorial video on how to use it.



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