Generate FREE Realistic AI Images with Fooocus

Learn how to create AI images for free using Fooocus. We will guide you through the necessary step-by-step process to generate images. Please note that you will need to download more than 10GB of necessary files to run Fooocus on your PC.

To get started, download the Fooocus files from GitHub and extract them to the desktop. You can then open run.bat, which will install all the files, or alternatively, download the files manually (we recommend downloading the files manually as we have had issues downloading files using run.bat). All the download links are provided below. After downloading all the files, arrange them inside the folder as shown in the video, and you are all set to generate AI images.

If you encounter NVIDIA graphics card requirements, we’ve got you covered with alternatives for AMD graphics cards. We’ll provide the necessary code adjustments and configurations to enable CPU operation, though it may take longer for image generation.

Once everything is set up, you can explore advanced settings in the application, adjusting parameters like speed and image format. Feel free to input prompts for image generation and experiment with various options.

However, if you encounter any issues, ensure your PC meets the minimum requirements or consider using Google Colab as an alternative. We hope this tutorial was helpful. Thank you very much.



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