Getting a driver’s license on a tourist visa

In this video, we will discuss the process of obtaining a driver’s license while on a tourist visa. We will cover the requirements, steps, and potential challenges you may face.

Upon receiving your tourist visa for Australia, you may be eager to explore the country, and having a driver’s license can greatly enhance your experience. If you’ve previously obtained a driver’s license in the USA, you’ll find the process of getting an Australian license relatively straightforward.

To begin, visit the official website of the South Australia (SA) government to check your eligibility for transferring your overseas license. While having a US license exempts you from certain tests, other countries might require you to undergo practical and/or road tests.

Anyway, after that, visit the SA service center. Remember to bring your original overseas license and valid identification documents. You also need evidence of identity, such as a letter from a local bank (you can open a bank account with the Commonwealth Bank) and two debit cards with your name printed on them. Then fill out the form, pay the fees, and you can transfer your overseas license to an Australian license for up to 10 years.

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