WordPress 5.7 – FREE SSL certificate for WordPress | HTTP to HTTPs | zeroSSL tutorial cPanel | 2021

Learn how to get a free Zero SSL certificate for WordPress and configure HTTP to HTTPS without a Really simple SSL plugin. WordPress has recently updated to 5.7 introducing many features, but in this tutorial, we will talk about redirecting the site from HTTP to HTTPS without using any plugins. Instead, we will use the default option from WordPress to make this configuration.

In addition to this, we will also manually get a free Zero SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt) and install it on our hosting with cPanel. You will get a step by step instructions to create the CRT, Private Key, and CA bundle and install them on your server. For this tutorial, we will be using the Namecheap hosting but most of the servers should have a similar configuration.
Please note that this SSL certificate will expire in 90 days (or else you can choose pro but it’s not free) and you will have to repeat the process of downloading and upload the certificate to your host.

Hope you will learn something useful from this lesson.



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