How to transfer music from pc to iPhone without iTunes | Windows | Copytrans manager tutorial | 2021

Looking for an iTunes alternative for windows 10 to copy music from computer to iPhone? Then this tutorial will give you step by step guide to do it very quickly. No need to sync or play around with iTunes to copy music to your phone, simply drag & drop and update and you are all ready to go.
CopyTrans Manager makes it super easy to copy any music to your iPhone and you do not need to do any fancy stuff to make it work. Simply open the app, connect your phone and drag it to the application, and update the file. This will immediately transfer music to your phone.

This comes very handily as you can easily connect your iPhone to the PC and you do not need to use iTunes and sync music whatsoever. And this works great, trust me we have been using it very long and has always been very useful without any issue as of now. However, please note that this application is not available on MAC.

Hope with this lesson you can easily transfer music or songs from your PC  to your iPhone without using iTunes.

Thank you.



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