How to add Music to your Instagram Story

So your Instagram does not have a MUSIC option to add in your story? Well, then this tutorial is for you whether you are or aren’t from the region where Instagram has this feature.

The music feature, unfortunately, is not available in many countries due to licensing issues, however, we can still add this to our Instagram story and hear other’s music if we use VPN. VPN will allow us to change the address and make it looks like we are using it from the countries where this feature is enabled. The VPN should be using the IP from the countries like US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Canada, Germany, etc to add music to stories.

Some Instagram profiles, however, despite being the country (the US, UK, etc) don’t have Music option in their story. In such case, you will need to switch profiles to the creator and uninstall/install the Instagram app. The feature will then be available.

This video clearly shows how the Music feature can be enabled for the Instagram story.

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