How to download an hour plus Online Live Webinar (free) from various platforms?

Like us, most of them must have seen a YouTube or google ads asking you to join a FREE WEBINAR, where they offer insights to many trending topics. But do you really think those webinars are actually live? Despite the presenter act at the end if someone is asking a live question.

Well in many cases (at least 5 with our experience), those webinars are just recorded ones and the only objective is to sell you their products such as the course materials or books or something like that. Zoom ones could be different, but the ones hosted on other sites’ high chances are recorded. Thus, with this video, you can check if the webinar is pre-recorded or not and save it to your Hardisk and watch it later (or fast forward it). You can then decide if it’s worth the time or not.

Download Firefox from this link



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