How to install fonts in windows 10 – download free commercial font files? And also, identify font of a website for you to use | 2021

Learn to add fonts to Word or Photoshop using free fonts by simply copying them to Windows 10 font’s folder. In this video, we will first identify the font of a website using chrome extension, and then run the installation for fonts. As a demo we will use the new font on a Word document; all processes are precisely explained. At the end of this video, you will learn to install fonts in windows 10, know the source to get the free commercial font, and also identify the font any website is using.

The installation process is very simple and can be achieved in a few minutes. We do suggest checking the license terms for the usage of font, however, in most cases, all the fonts from google should be free fonts for commercial use meaning you can add them on your site (if you are building a website) or use them on other creative designs you make using tools such as Photoshop or illustrator, etc and even on Word documents.

While identifying the fonts from a site, we can only do it for the text of the site, this method will not work to identify a font from any image. As we install new fonts on our computer, we will as well learn to uninstall the fonts from the PC (just in case if you want to do that). So this video gives you an overall idea about getting a font, installing them, using them, and as well uninstalling fonts.

We really hope this video assists you in learning about fonts and help you design something creative.

Thank you.



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