Best web hosting – Bluehost Vs Godaddy / Speed test & domain / hosting price reviews ? | 2021

Bluehost Vs Godaddy: We always wanted to check how a website speed will change just by changing the hosting providers and keeping all other factors the same. Though there are numerous hosting providers, for this review, we choose Bluehost and Godaddy. Both of these hosting are popular and have been in the industry for quite a long time and has their own strengths and weakness. For this experiment, we installed Enfold theme, imported a demo, and ran a speed test on Google Page Speed. Please note that this video is not sponsored by  Bluehost or Godaddy (we however are using affiliate links). Additionally, we have absolutely no intention to prove one is better than the other or vice versa.

Price Comparison

Bluehost Vs Godaddy

  1. Domain name prices :
    Both Bluehost & Godaddy offers free domain name – provided anyone takes a hosting package from either of the providers.

    If however taken individually – Godaddy domain price or Bluehost domain price will cost the same about $12.99 [without privacy protection]

  2. Bluehost Hosting Prices:
    Basic: When you need just one site – $5.95/mo* [This video was made with this package]
    Plus: For those running multiple sites – $7.45/mo*
    Choice Plus:  With added privacy and security features -$7.45/mo*
    Pro: Get more power with optimized web resources – $18.95/mo*
  3. Godaddy Hosting Prices:
    Economy: Includes a free domain and email to match (with 12 mo. plan) – $4.33 /mo
    Deluxe: All features of Economy, plus unlimited sites and unlimited storage – $7.99 /mo [This video was made with this package]
    Ultimate: For high-traffic sites. Get 2x the CPU for more power— and free SSL for the first year – $12.99 /mo
    Maximum: Get 2x the CPU and 4x the memory – for power and speed. Plus, free SSL for the life of the plan – $19.99 /mo
  4. Trial offers:
    Both the hosting offers 30 days trial offers.
  5. Customer Support:
    24/7 by both Bluehost and Godaddy
  6. Recommendation :
    There must be quite a confusion between Bluehost vs Godaddy? But if you ask us we suggest going with Bluehost – why? The video was based on the Basic Package of Bluehost (cost about $5.95/mo) whereas on the Deluxe package of Godaddy ($7.99), and you can check the website speed based on the same theme and all the files. The first reason is Speed. The second reason is, once your website gets more traffic (or if you are already getting a high number of visitors on your website), you’d possibly plan to upgrade your plans. The prices on higher packages seem a little cheaper for Bluehost. And finally, if you take more than 24 months or 36 months packages on Bluehost the monthly cost comes as low as $2.95.
  7. Additional notes – Both hosting has Dedicated hosting and VPS hosting so please navigate to their respective site and find out more.

For those who are just starting to create a website, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, get a Domain name – this refers to
    [Bluehost, Godaddy, and many others offer the FREE domain name for a year if you get their hosting]
  2. Once you have a domain name you need to keep your files and documents somewhere on the space – so that’s the HOSTING. Some may refer to Server or host as a hosting synonym, but it’s meaning is simply space online to add your photos, text, documents, or website files.
  3. Which one is Fast hosting or the Best server for WordPress?
    To our experience, and based on this video, Bluehost wins the chart against Godaddy in terms of speed. For a newbie, we simply suggest going with Bluehost too, as it’s fast and better off on price too. As many ask about the best WordPress hosting in India, UK, Australia, Germany, etc we feel if you are starting don’t stress too much, your website will gradually develop thus start with something low budget like 5-6$ per month. If the traffic massively increases upgrade your hosting – it’s very simple.
  4. After getting a domain name and Hosting – How to install WordPress?
    Many hosting providers offer one-click installation – though we often manually install WordPress. Configure DNS settings for your domain name (basically meaning pointing your domain name to your host), make configuration on your Host (if you have purchased a domain name and hosting from the same provider, you’d possibly need not worry or simply chat with their support if required). Once it’s done, go to the folder (usually public_html) and download WordPress, and upload it (as shown in the video). Extract it.

    After this is done, you also need to create a Database. Go to MySQL database on your cPanel – create a database, create a username, assign a username to the database and give all privileges. After this, go to your new website and input your database details (as shown in the video); you are then ready to go!

  5. How to install a WordPress theme?
    Go to and choose a theme you want (we have used Enfold in this example). You can either upload the theme to wp-content > themes and extract it there. Or Go to your WordPress Dashboard Appearance > themes and upload the theme (also shown in this tutorial Bluehost vs Godaddy)



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