Payoneer annual fees up to USD 59.90 and 2% Bank transfer rate

In this video, we will briefly discuss Payoneer’s annual fees. You might not be aware, but having a Payoneer account can come with a cost.

Annual Account Fee:
If you have a Payoneer account, you’ll be charged $29.95 USD every year. However, there’s a way to avoid this fee. If you receive more than $2000 USD in deposits within 12 months, this fee can be waived. It’s important to note that simply having transactions won’t suffice; you must hit the $2000 threshold within the year to avoid the fee. Otherwise, you’ll be paying the $29.95.

Annual Card Fee:
If you’ve obtained a debit card from Payoneer, you’ll incur an additional $29.95 charge. Unlike the account fee, this card fee cannot be waived, so you’ll be paying it if you have the card (unless you do not get a Card).

In a recent conversation with Payoneer support, it was clarified that even if you have some card transactions but less than $2000 in deposits and an active card, the total annual fees will still amount to nearly $60. This was confirmed by the support team.

Additionally, when making bank deposits from USD to a USA bank, there’s a 2% charge. For instance, a $500 transfer incurs a $10 fee, which is 2% of the total amount.

We hope you are now aware of the annual charges for Payoneer in 2024.

Thank you very much.



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