How to create QR code for Website & Wi-Fi | Scan QR code in iPhone | free QR code generator | 2021

Learn how to make your own QR code, customize it using a free QR generator (or chrome) and scan QR code on an iPhone using its camera. This video tutorial gives you a step by step explanations on how you can create a QR code for your Website or Wi-Fi or any other important information such as Telephone, email, etc. You will also find out how an iPhone can be used to scan QR codes without installing any application.

By default, google offers to create a simple QR using its latest browser, this works simply by right-clicking on the browser and creating the QR code. However, for Wi-Fi QR, you will need to use other websites (explained in the video).

Creating a QR code for Wi-Fi comes very handy if you need to share the passwords with lots of people like in restaurants or hotels. You can simply place the Wi-Fi QR code at a visible location and the clients or friends can simply use their phone to automatically get connected to the Wi-Fi. It’s super easy for the clients too.

In most of the recent phones – iPhone or Android, if you did not know, there is a built-in scanner for QR codes in the camera. You do not need to use any third-party applications to scan the QR code on your iPhone. All you have to do open your Camera, and simply point it to the QR code. You will then be directed to the information that’s on the QR code.



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