Someone tried to Hack our Instagram! Be cautious

As popular as Instagram is there is a high risk of hackers trying to gain access to your account. Recently, I experienced this first-hand when a friend’s Instagram account was hacked, and I received a message from the hacker through his account. Here I’d want to share my experience and how you can protect your Instagram account from hackers.

Here’s what happened: First the scammer sent me a message with a photo that had a number and promised me $1000 if I gave the correct answer, saying it was a company giveaway. I gave the correct answer and then the scammer said to have done some registration. And on the final process before releasing payment was that I had to change my personal Instagram email to their company email for verification. This is the main tactic, once you change the email id of your Instagram, the scammer will get hold of your account and change every information of your account. So don’t fall for phishing scams and always be cautious of unsolicited messages.

Remember, there is no free money, no free bitcoins, or anything like that. Be vigilant and protect your account. And never ever change the email id or phone number of your Instagram. Stay Protected!



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