How to transcribe audio to text?

Learn how to transcribe audio to text using a free Python transcriber called Whisper by OpenAI. We will walk through the installation process on Windows and as well transcribe an audio file to text. This Python application is completely free to use.

To get started, install Python on our computer and create a working environment with python 3.9. Activate the newly created environment and install all the required files including ffmpeg and setuptools-rust. Please note you will require to install ffmpeg-python and not ffmpeg.

Once all the required files are installed, we can use the software to transcribe audio files. To do this, navigate to the sample audio folder and run the simple command. You can choose to use a tiny model, medium, or large. Basically, a tiny model takes less space, is faster but less accurate. In most cases, the medium model works great.

Also note that the transcribing process may take some time, depending on the size of the audio file and the complexity of the speech. Additionally, as per your computer setup, you might require to install additional files. Anyway, we hope this video was useful to you. Happy Transcribing.



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