Tutorial to create a professional intro video or YouTube intro (outro) using Camtasia 9

This is a Camtasia studio 9 tutorial for beginners who want to create a professional intro/outro video for a YouTube channel or for any other purposes.

Everybody wants to create a free and great intro video but it comes a bit expensive if you hire someone else to do it for you. But then, Camtasia offers a free library that consists of lots of free content that you can use on your video – you have music, intro, and various animation that can be used to enhance the beauty of your YouTube or any other videos. And using them is completely free for your videos as long as you have a licensed copy of Camtasia.

In this video, we will, however, only be looking at the Intro clips from the Camtasia library and make a great intro. You can combine all the intro to make a completely unique one or simply tweak the texts and add logos to the already created design to use it on your videos. While you have many options to expand and play around with, for now, our focus is for the beginners who want to quickly create the video that can be used on their YouTube channel or presentations or anywhere they’d want.

In fact, our intro video has also been taken from Camtasia, if you notice. Thus, use Camtasia and explore the unlimited possibilities to enhance your video presentation.

Please note: While you can use Camtasia as a YouTube video maker or for intro video or any other purposes for Free, Camtasia Software itself is NOT FREE. The price starts from 249.99 for individuals and businesses, whereas for Education it’s 169.99 and Governments/Non-profit for 223.99 (all per user) with a 30 day back guarantee (You can also use the trial version to evaluate). Simply visit their website for more information on their pricing.



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