How to take screenshot on windows 11?

Wondering how to take a screenshot on Windows 11? Discover the fastest method using the snipping tool and shortcut keys. Learn how to capture rectangular or freely selectable areas.

To begin, press the Windows Logo + Shift + S keys simultaneously on your keyboard. The snipping tool will appear at the top of your screen, offering a range of options. If you prefer a traditional square or rectangle shape, select the first option and release the mouse to capture the screenshot instantly. Alternatively, choose the second option for a more flexible approach. This allows you to freely move the cursor and select any area on your screen. By default, Windows 11 saves your screenshots in the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures folder.

You can also type “snipping tool” in the Start menu and click on “New” to use the snipping tool. Despite this being done on Windows 11, it works the same on Windows 10 as well.

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