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Fix Error Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 required Python

Fix: Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater is required in Python

Are you facing the “Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater is required” error despite installing the necessary SDK?

Snapdrop locally Windows PC

Snapdrop is now locally on my Windows PC

Learn how to install Snapdrop application locally on your Windows computer. This will allow you to transfer files between devices using Wi-Fi.

Vocal remover using Python

Vocal remover using python

Learn how to remove vocals from any music using Python. We will be using a GitHub repository and Anaconda to execute the application.

Build pretrained models to clone your voice

Build pretrained models to clone your voice using Real-Time Voice Cloning

Learn how to build pre-trained models using your own voice in a real-time voice-cloning Python application.

Alarm Loop Python

Alarm in python | playsound repetitively after certain intervals

Learn how you can build a simple alarm clock using Python. This Python code will play a custom alarm sound at specified intervals repeatedly.

DeepFaceLive Windows

How to install “DeepFaceLive” – python application on Windows?

In this DeepFaceLive tutorial, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of installing DeepFaceLive on a Windows computer.

How to run python in command prompt

How to run Python in Command Prompt cmd?

Learn how to run Python in Command Prompt with this quick tutorial for beginners. Add Python path to Environment Variables

free disk space from Anaconda

Remove unnecessary packages / free disk space from Anaconda

Learn how to free up disk space in Anaconda and update all packages with a simple line of command. Remove unnecessary packages.

Transcribe Audio to Text python

How to transcribe audio to text?

Learn how to transcribe audio to text using a free Python transcriber called Whisper by OpenAI. Free Audio text converter.

How to install and create Deepfakes on Windows PC

Install and Create Deepfakes (first order model – python) on Windows

Install Deepfake (First Order model a python application) on your windows computer and create deepfakes with image animation.