Track Matte using Techsmith Camtasia: put video inside shape or text

In this video tutorial, we will learn how you can use track mattes in Camtasia to enable you to create captivating videos inside text or shapes. By using these simple techniques, you can unleash your creativity and produce incredible intros and engaging videos.

To start, simply drag the video into Camtasia, and you can use either shapes or text for the track matte effect. For shapes, go to Annotations, select the circle shape, and adjust its position by pressing SHIFT to create a perfect circle. Then, right-click on the eye icon and choose “Alpha”. Similarly, for text, write any text you want above the video, choose a font and its size, and then right-click on the eye icon and choose “Alpha”.

Please note that if you want to add more videos or images for editing, add them below the video used for the track matte. You can use the “Insert Track” option and choose “below”.

We hope this video was useful to you. Thank you very much.




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